Thermal Shock Test Chamber – Recent Arrival

A Great Find is this LARGE Thermal Shock
Test Chamber – Made By Tenney

This Tenney Thermal Shock Chamber is one of the largest Air to Air Thermal Shock Chambers Available! This unit has a motorized transfer mechanism to move the elevator from the Cold to Hot Chamber. The 30HP Water Cooled Compressor System on this chamber will meet most required test parameters with no added cryogenic gases required making the unit even more economical. The New Touch Screen Programmer will allow Charting and Graphing capabilities – And of course our acclaimed LRE Warranty!

Inside Chambers 25″ X 25″ X 23″ Each
-73 to 200 Deg. C, Water Cooled
Modern Watlow Touchscreen Control

For More Info: Thermal Shock Chamber Stk. #892J