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Drop Tester

LR/RAD Drop Testers are available to simulate the impact a package would encounter during handling and shipment. The machine is air actuated to provide a reliable long life. Drop height ranges from 12-60 inches.

The Drop Tester is supplied with a variety of standard features to earn its reputation as the industry standard: motor hoist with hand held control box to automatically raise and lower drop arm with package in place, Microswitch to preset drop height for repeatable drops, drop height indicator, remote hand switch actuated and a one inch vertical drop prior to drop arm swing to insure that package is not subject to rotation. LR/RAD Drop Testers are designed so packages may be released from any angle and be assured of landing in the same position. Special fixtures are available to allow for corner and edge drops.

Portable Drop Tester

• Flange supplied to attach to table top
• Mechanism may be rotated to drop specimen either on the floor or on to table top
• Drop arm assembly may be adjusted manually.
• Drop Height Indicator
• Hand switch actuated
• One-quarter inch vertical drop prior to drop arm swing to insure that package is not subject to rotation
• Corner and Edge Drop Fixture

Transportation Shaker

Download a movie of the LR/RAD Transportation Simulator in action. (MPG format; 1.1 Mb.)

LR/RAD Transportation Simulators are excellent for the duplication of the destructive shock and vibrations incurred during product shipment. Minor package modifications can have major effects on damage protection of shipped goods. SAVE MONEY and pretest your package deign before bulk shipment commitments are made.

LR/RAD Transportation Shakers are also excellent for burn-in testing to help eliminate premature product failure caused by packaging techniques. SAVE MONEY and burn-in your products prior to shipment.
LR/RAD Transportation Shakers have been designed to meet all the parameters outlined in MIL-STD-810, ASTM STD D999,
International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Specification, Federal Test Method No. 101 and MIL-STD-3311