New Test Equipment

New Test Equipment

New In Stock Equipment

LRE stocks New Test Equipment: Furnaces and Kilns, Freezers, Vibration & Packaging Testing, Sterilizers & Autoclaves, Salt Spray Chambers and Space Simulation & Vacuum Chambers.

Furnaces and Kilns

Machine shops save time with a furnace at their disposal in their own shop. You will no longer send a die out for heat treating, wait for its return, and then send it out again for additional heat treating.


New freezers Since 1959, Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers have been manufactured for both the Medical and Industrial markets. We also supply standard freezers, refrigerators and undercounter freezers.

Vibration & Packaging Testing

vibration packaging drop tester LR/RAD Drop Testers are available to simulate the impact a package would encounter during handling and shipment. The machine is air actuated to provide a reliable long life. Drop height ranges from 12-60 inches.

Sterilizers & Autoclaves

new Yamato autoclave Autoclaves and Sterilizers use high-pressure steam to sterilize instruments and clothing controlled with an interactive key input system. This system enables safe sterilization in research labs, medical examining rooms, food production, etc.

Salt Spray Chambers

Salt Spray / Fog Chamber Corrosive atmosphere chambers subject test items to corrosion without introducing other contaminants into the test area.