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Tenney 64 Cubic Ft. Temperature Test Chamber

Another Example of the Quality Workmanship of our Technicians is this Refurbished Tenney Temperature Chamber Model #T-64 This unit is almost ready to ship! This Water Cooled unit has a New Compressor System, New Controls, and Revived Cosmetically to look like New. With a Temperature Range of -70 to +170 Deg. C – this unit will easily accomplish 5 Deg. C Per Minute.

This Tenney Chamber is Extremely Sturdy and well made. It’s new owner will get many years of use from this Quality Chamber.

At this time – we have 3 more of these Large Hard to Find Large Chambers in Stock. Inquire now to receive a quote for your company.

For More Details: Stock #336J Stock #321J Stock #322J

Tenney Temperature Test Chamber Model T-64

Used Blue M Ovens – After Refurbishing by LR Environmental

Blue M Ovens are one of the most Reliable
Ovens Available – And as You Can See,
When You Purchase a Used / Refurbished
Lab Oven From LR Environmental – You Will
Receive an Oven That Looks and Works
As Good As New – At Substantial Savings!

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Blue M Oven Model OV-490A – Expertly Refurbished by LR Environmental – No One Puts as Much Time and Quality Workmanship into Their Products Then We Do!

CSZ Temperature Test Chamber

Just Finished the Re-Check Process on this CSZ Test Chamber and will ship to a Large Coating Equipment Manufacturer.  The newly installed Watlow E-Z Zone programmer was configured to the customers specifications to work with their particular tests.  Refurbished and Warranteed, this unit saved them quite a bit of money over purchasing new.

Refurbished CSZ Temperature Test Chamber
CSZ Used/Refurbished Temperature Test Chamber

LN2 Chamber With CUSTOM Stand

Recently Shipped – This Delta Design LN2 Test Chamber completely refurbished, repainted, and retrofitted with the type of controls needed specifically for an Engineering Development Company.  Also created was this Custom Stand, made out of hard steel – not some flimsy material or recycled stand – and powder coated for many long years of use.  Our equipment is always customized to each customers exact needs yet saves money over purchasing new.  Don’t waste time with e-bay or random auctions where you will then wind up spending way more money in the long run getting the equipment up and running and no guarantee it will even work for your needs.  LR Environmental is always the answer for the Highest Quality Refurbished Test Equipment!

Refurbished Delta Design LN2 Temperature Chamber With Custom Stand 

Many More LN2 and CO2 Test Chambers In Stock for Your Needs – Click Here For Current Inventory

A Shipment of Test Chambers Ready To Go

Another shipment of Chambers – 3 Thermotrons – being shipped to an Aerospace parts Mfg. who received a discount for making a multiple unit purchase. Our Sales Engineers will always work as best we can with our customers to ensure they are getting the best value possible.  You can see the quality workmanship that went into these (and all) of our chambers.  Not only do they look like new, they will perform like new AND saved this company a significant amount of money over purchasing new.

A Variety of Thermotron Test Chambers Ready To Ship

Check Here for our Current Inventory of Thermotron Test Chambers – Temperature Only OR Temperature and Humidity – Specs, Photos, Data/Spec Sheets

Test Equipment Shipped Overseas!

Did you know we ship equipment overseas? We have shipped a multitude of equipment all over the world. Even buying out of country for many business’s still saves them money to receive Quality, Expertly Refurbished Equipment.

We have the expertise and experience to make sure your equipment is packaged properly for whatever method of shipping you need. We recently sent these 2 Tube Ovens – that were refurbished to LIKE NEW condition to the UK. We saved them a significant amount of money over new.