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Thermotron Temperature Humidity Chamber -Final Testing Video

This Thermotron Temperature Humidity Test Chamber has been thoroughly refurbished by our Expert Technicians.  The System – as all systems are – is being completely checked out and run to confirm it will meet the standards required by the customer.

We are one of the few Companies that has the ability to refurbish numerous types of chambers manufactured by a multitude of Manufacturers.

Customers are also encouraged to visit us and view their chamber in operation before shipping.  We offer free training sessions on the operation of your Refurbished Test Chamber.

Thermotron Test Chamber in Final Testing Phase Prior to Shipping

CSZ Temperature Test Chamber

Just Finished the Re-Check Process on this CSZ Test Chamber and will ship to a Large Coating Equipment Manufacturer.  The newly installed Watlow E-Z Zone programmer was configured to the customers specifications to work with their particular tests.  Refurbished and Warranteed, this unit saved them quite a bit of money over purchasing new.

Refurbished CSZ Temperature Test Chamber
CSZ Used/Refurbished Temperature Test Chamber

Used Blue M Ovens – After Refurbishing by LR Environmental

Blue M Ovens are one of the most Reliable
Ovens Available – And as You Can See,
When You Purchase a Used / Refurbished
Lab Oven From LR Environmental – You Will
Receive an Oven That Looks and Works
As Good As New – At Substantial Savings!

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Blue M Oven Model OV-490A – Expertly Refurbished by LR Environmental – No One Puts as Much Time and Quality Workmanship into Their Products Then We Do!