New Laboratory Ovens

New Lab Ovens

New In Stock Equipment

LRE stocks New Laboratory Ovens including Mechanical Convection Ovens, Standard Series Ovens, Energy Saving Ovens, High Accuracy Ovens, Gravity Ovens, Inert Gas Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Benchtop Vacuum Ovens and Hi-Vac Vacuum Ovens.

Mechanical Convection Ovens

Mechanical Convection Ovens have an internal fan to force heated air throughout the entire oven. Widely used for Testing and Manufacturing, these types of Mechanical Convection Ovens heat up fast and have a uniform distribution of heat. This method of heating works well with almost any size oven.

Standard Series Ovens

These Standard Mechanical Convection Ovens are suitable for most basic oven requirements.

New mechanical convection ovens
DKN812C $5180
DKN912C $9800

New mechanical convection ovens.
Yamato DNE400 $4240
Yamato DNE910 $12800

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Ovens are designed to hold a Vacuum in an Airtight Atmosphere. Gravity Convection Heating is used to allow the heat to flow naturally thru the oven using diffusion (convection) of heat over time.

Vacuum Ovens are operated at large scale and designed for various purposes. A vacuum pump can be stored within the system.

High Accuracy Ovens

The High Accuracy Mechanical Convection Ovens have tighter than standard uniformity for applications that require very uniform conditions.

Energy Saving Ovens

These Energy Saving Mechanical Convection Ovens use up to 40% less energy than standard models. The maximum temperature attained by these ovens is 210°C.

New constant temperature ovens.
Yamato DNE410$4240
Yamato DNE601$4760
Yamato DNE610$4760
Yamato DNE810$7560

Benchtop Vacuum Ovens

A Vacuum Oven that is small enough to be used on a lab bench is known as a Bench Top Vacuum Oven. We carry a variety of small sized Bench Top Vacuum Ovens.

New benchtop vacuum drying ovens
Yamato ADP200C$2780
Yamato ADP210C$2780
Yamato ADP300C$3520
Yamato ADP310C$3520

Hi-Vac Vacuum Ovens

A Hi-Vac Vacuum Oven is designed to achieve a Very High Level of Vacuum (ranges between 1 x 10-4 to 10-7 torr) while the range for a standard vacuum oven is usually ~.1 torr. Some processes, such as testing satellite parts, require this Very High Level of Vacuum.

Gravity Ovens

In a Gravity Oven, the heat is allowed to flow naturally thru the oven using diffusion (convection) of heat over time. Gravity Ovens are usually smaller in size to utilize this method of heating.

New gravity ovens
Yamato DVS402C$2050
Yamato DVS602C$2580
Yamato DX302C$1280
Yamato DX402C$1670
Yamato DX602C$2200

Inert Gas Ovens

Inert Gas Ovens are used when you need to prevent oxygen from corroding or scaling your product. An Inert Gas Oven can purge oxygen and replace it with an Inert Gas like Argon or Nitrogen and hold it in an atmosphere of pressurized inert gas.

Inert gas ovens
Yamato DN411E$8020
Yamato DN611E$8680