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NEW High Temperature Ovens – Up To 1200 Deg. F


We Have NEW High Temp Ovens With Temperatures Up To 1200 Deg. F and Sizes from 27 Cubic Ft of Interior Space to 216 Cubic Ft of Interior Space. Constructed from Heavy Gauge Carbon Steel, these ovens will last decades! We Can Even Provide Custom Modifications. Contact Us For Information And To Receive a customized quote. Ovens are NEMA and UL rated.

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Lab Oven Stands


We Have Laboratory Oven Stands – Custom Built For Us. These Stands Are Twice As Sturdy as Mfg. Stands. With Over 50 Years In The Oven/Chamber Business, We Have Designed These Stands For Optimum Support Based On Years of Feedback From Customers/Users. Double Wheeled Locking Castors For Stability and Ease of Movement OR Levelers For Uneven Surfaces. Extra Thick and Sturdy Metal To Avoid Sagging or Bending. Quality Powder Coated For Long Time Durability and Cleanliness.

Dimensions: 29″W X 26″D X 29″H
Weight: Approx. 50 Lb

Stock #STND

Ultra Low Temp Freezers – In Stock – Ready To Ship


We Have 4 Styles Of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers IN STOCK For Quick Shipment! Used For Vaccine Storage, Biomedical, Chemical Storage. These Low Temp Freezers Are Built For Temperature Stability And Security. They Come With Easy To Use Digital Controls & Automatic Timer Systems To Restart Units In Case Of Power Failures. We Carry Various Sizes And Styles However These 4 Units Are AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING NOW!

3 CuFt. Chest Style: #FZ85 5 CuFt Chest Style: #FZ86
13 CuFt. Upright: #FZ87 18 CuFt Upright: #FZ88

Low Temperature Freezers – Covid-19 Vaccine Capable


With the unprecendented demand for vaccine storage, Freezer Mfgs are trying to shorten lead times

Good News, We Can Ship These 5 CuFt Chest Type Low Temp Freezers this month! In January 2021 Temp. Range: -50C to -86CI.D. 24.75″ X 17.375″ X 18.5″
Satisfies Pfizer-BioNTech Covid19 Vaccine Storage Requirements

Primary Uses For This Low Temp Freezer:
Vaccines and Medications
Clincal Applications
Diagnostic Kits
Molecular Biology
Industrial Testing

Download A Low Temp Freezer Brochure Here
View Our Variety of Sizes and Get A Quote

Discounted Yamato Convection Ovens


Available NOW are these Yamato Industrial / Lab Forced Air Convection Ovens!  We offer Yamato Ovens for Less Than the Yamato List Price!

These DKN Series Convection Ovens are Yamato’s Most Popular Oven.  In Sizes from .95 Cubic Ft up to 18.9 Cubic Ft., we should have the oven that will work best for your application.  We can also modify the oven for your needs.  We can add Custom Feed-Thru Ports and provide Extra Shelves.  We also have Quality Custom Stands.

Yamato Ovens Are Known For Their Reliability and Have a 1 Year Warranty When Purchased From An Authorized Reseller – As We Are! Many Ovens can Ship the Same Day!

View the Yamato DKN Series Oven Specs
Need Help Choosing the Right Yamato Oven? Here is an Oven Overview
List of Yamato Ovens Available

NEW Muffle Furnaces

Ranging in size from .05 CuFt Interior up to 1 CuFt. Interior, we have a size for your application. Equipped
with many safety features and easy to use controllers.

Yamato muffle furnaces are recognized for their durability and tightly sealed doors which is of utmost importance when the furnace reaches their maximum temperatures up to 1150 Deg. C (2100 Deg. F) The FP Series uses a microprocessor controlled thermo- regulator. Unsurpassed for high temperature applications such as fusing glass, creating enamel coatings, ceramics, soldering and brazing metals, alloying, fusion, heat treating, melting, annealing, metallurgy, mining, environmental testing, pharmaceutical development, in R&D and more.

Features of the Yamato High Temperature Electric Muffle Furnace:

  • High accuracy controller for better operability and visibility
  • Excellent heat tightness with a firmly sealed chamber door
  • High temperature accuracy at ±1.0°C
  • Upgraded with long life R-thermocouple sensors
  • High quality alumina porcelain hot plate where heater is not exposed to the inner chamber preventing contamination of samples
  • Program operation of maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns, with repeat operation function
  • Safety features include self-diagnostic functions, calibration off-set, key lock function, auto recovery after power failure, earth leakage breaker, automatic overheat prevention device and independent overheat prevention device
  • Optional items include exhaust system, N₂ gas loading device (with flow meter), temperature output  terminal, time-up output  terminal, sample tray, external communication terminal (RS232C), external communication adapter, event output terminal, operation signal output terminal and furnace floor plate

NEW Yamato Lab Ovens

Yamato Lab – Industrial – Forced Air Convection Ovens
LR Environmental / Technologies is the Foremost Seller
Of Yamato Lab Ovens – Many can be shipped the Same Day!

Need additional Modifications to your Oven? We can Add Custom Feed-Thru Ports, Provide Custom Quality Stands, AND Extra Shelves. You won’t find those options buying from E-Bay or Amazon. We also sell below List Price to help you Save Money. And with our Qualified Sales Team, we can help you choose the right unit for your needs.

To View Available Products, Spec Sheets, Photos,
Manuals: New Ovens
Give Us A Call – 800-574-2748 323-770-0634
or Email to:

Yamato Lab Oven

NEW TEMPERATURE TEST CHAMBERS – Ranging From 1 CuFt up to 64 CuFt

New Temperature Test Chambers – For Prices, Specs, and Technical Help – 800-574-2748

Sizes from 1 CuFt up to 64 CuFt
Temperature Ranges from -65C up to 180C

The FD Series Temperature Chambers are the highest quality and the utmost reliability.

Using AES’ patented inner baffle design, FD series Environmental Test Chambers
are capable of producing a temperature range from -65°C to +180°C (-85°F to +356°F)
all while maintaining even and stable airflow. This airflow consistency allows for highly
accurate environmental testing on your product. The FD Series Environmental
Test Chambers are also ideal for thermal cycling tests and can be outfitted with
a liquid CO2 or LN2 to improve the functionality of the test chamber.

FD Series Environmental Test Chamber Brochure – Spec Sheet

Large Air Cooled Condenser

Condenser Air Cooled – Century Refrigeration Model PFC37-S  –  SOLD

  • Dimensions: 68″W X 86.5″D X 53″H    4X 28″ Dia.    CZ-573I
  • 1HP Fans on Top 24,800 CFM 101.5 Pumpdown Capacity
  • Brand New – Never Used
  • Approx. Ship Wt. 1350 lbs
  • This unit was purchased new for a project that was cancelled.
  • Still packed on original pallet. Stock #573I    Price $7444.00                                          Sold As Is – Never Used
  • Click Here For More Info and Photos:  573i

New Test Equipment

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