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Benchtop LN2 – CO2 Temperature Chambers

3 Bench Top Test Chambers 
As Low As -100 Deg. C

Sun Elec. Systems CO2 Temperature Chamber
Model #EC-127
I.D. 20″ X 19″ X 12″
-40 to +200 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #730J

Delta Design LN2 Temperature Chamber – SOLD
Model #9076
I.D. 20″ X 25″ X 25″
-100 to +200 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #733J

Bemco CO2 Temperature Chamber – SOLD
Model #LDFB1.5-100/350
I.D. 14″ X 12″ X 15″
-100 Deg. F to +350 Deg. F
For More Info: Stock #582J

Bench Top Temperature Test Chamber – New Arrival!

Tenney Temperature Chamber Model BTC

5 Cubic Ft. Temperature Test Chamber Just In
Test Chambers Made By Tenney Are One Of The Most
Popular Brand of Temperature Chambers Available
With Interior Dims. of 20″ X 20″ X 22″, Temperature
Range of -70 to +170 Deg. C, and Modern Watlow TouchScreen Controller. This Nice Bench Top Size Temperature Chamber May Be the Perfect Unit You Need.

Order Soon and We Will Include a Free Stand – Hurry
Before We Sell The Stand
More Info Here: Stock #901J

“NEW” Temperature Chamber for Preowned Price!

For Sale – Associated Temperature Chamber

Deal of The Year! Just In, 64 Cubic Ft. Associated Temperature Test Chamber – NEVER USED!

I.D. 48″ X 48″ X 48″ Enough Space For Large Item Testing or Testing Many Items at Once. This Chamber was Purchased for a Project That Never Materialized and HAS NEVER BEEN USED! Literally Still Has The Tags!

Save Your Company $1,000’s by Purchasing This Chamber! Can Ship Out ASAP

More Pics and Info Here: Stock #945J