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16 Cubic Ft Thermotron Temperature Chamber – For Sale

Now Available – Thermotron Model S-16 Temperature Test Chamber. Inside Dimension of 30″ X 30″ X 30″ and Temperature Range of -70 to +170 Deg. C This unit is Air-Cooled and has Mechanical Refrigeration. Equipped with a Modern Watlow Touchscreen Control Model F4T. Save Money with this Refurbished Thermotron Temperature Chamber. Includes Warranty, Custom Users Manual, Even FREE Training if needed.

More Information and Specs on this Thermotron Temperature Chamber Model S-16 Here: STOCK #225L

Another Blue M Oven Has Arrived!

We have in another Blue M Oven to choose from. This Blue M Oven has Interior Dimension – Work Space – of 25″ X 20″ X 20″ and Maximum Temperature of 650 Deg. F With 1 Pass Airflow. With the easy to use Watlow EZ-Zone Programmer this is an Industrial Oven that will last you for years AND Save You Money over the cost of a new Blue M Oven. Will be completely Refurbished and Includes our Unsurpassed Warranty.

More Information And Specs On This Blue M Oven Model 256-Size Here: Stock #224L

Thermotron 8 Cubic Ft Temperature Test Chamber Completely Refurbished and READY TO SHIP!


Hard to Find LARGE Thermotron Model S-8C Temperature Chamber With Mechanical Refrigeration is completely Refurbished and Warranteed. With Interior Space of 24″ X 24″ X 24″ you have 8 Cubic Ft. of space to Test Your Product. Temperature Range of -70 to +170 Deg. C, NEW Compressors, Access Ports, and NEW Watlow Touchscreen control.

No Waiting On Long Lead Time – Ready To Ship Today!

More Information and Spec Sheets Here: Thermotron Temperature Chamber S-8C Stock #152L

Blue M Oven For Sale – 24 Cubic Ft of Interior Work Space – Used, Refurbished, Ready To Ship!



This Blue M Oven with a maximum temperature of 600 Deg. F is Completely Refurbished, Warranteed, and Ready To Ship Today! This is a great Blue M oven for curing, powder coating, or just basic burn in. Works and Looks like new! This refurbished Blue M Oven will last for years AND Save You Money! This Blue M Oven is equipped with a new control system, over temperature protection, and 1 FREE shelf.

More Information on Blue M Oven Model POM7-246G Here: Stock #194L

Unholtz Dickie T4000 Vibration System Now Available


Expertly Refurbished To Save You Money! We have available this Unholtz Dickie Vibration System Model #T4000 – Our In House Vibration Specialist Has Over 30 Years In The Vibration Business! Rarely will you find this highly sought after unit for sale as Used/Refurbished – with a Parts & Labor Warranty – to save you an extensive amount of money. This high force, large payload Vibration System can meet your special demands in the Automotive, Military, and Aerospace Industries. Typical test payloads include missile & launch hardware testing, satellite testing, radar system testing, battery assemblies, transmissions and large avionic parts testing. This Vibration System generates 40,000 Lbs Sine/Random This Vibration System can also be configured with Crystal or Vibration Research Controllers. If you need system commissioning and installation of the Vibration System, we can also provide a quote in order to get you up and running quickly. Inquire now for a quote.

More Information Here: Unholtz Dickie Vibration System Model T4000 Stock #284L


For Sale – Just In, this Blue M Oven Model #POM7-256C-3 I.D. of 25″ X 20″ X 20″ and Maximum Temperature of 650 Deg. F This Blue M Oven can be used for Heat Treat, Curing, useful for Drying, Preheating, Annealing, Paint Baking – at SIGNIFICANTLY LESS MONEY THAN PURCHASING NEW! Save Money with our Expertly Refurbished AND Warranteed Industrial Ovens. We have been selling Refurbished Industrial Ovens since 1969
We are the Oven Experts!

More Information on this Blue M Industrial Oven Here: Stock #212L

Large Industrial Oven – Blue M

We acquired this Large Blue M Oven Model #DC-326F Inside Dimensions of 48″ X 24″ X 48″ and Maximum Temperature of 600 Deg. F This Blue M Oven has 1 pass airflow for even heating. Has easy to use Watlow EZ-Zone Programmer and Over Temperature Protection. This Blue M Oven will be completely Refurbished and Warranteed. Our Industrial Oven Buying Guide can help you determine what oven is best for your needs.

More Information On This Blue M Oven Here: Stock #211L

One More Thermotron Thermal Shock Just In


Thermotron LN2 Thermal Shock Test Chamber Model #ATS-320-V-LN2 Has short lead time for quick shipment – no need to wait months for a unit to conduct your required Thermal Shock Tests. When you need to subject your product to rapid changes in temperature from extreme cold to hot environments, these chambers will accomplish that for you. Assure your products will perform in real world use safely and reliably. This Thermal Shock Chamber has a temperature range of -75 to +200 Deg. C and modern Thermotron Touchscreen Controller Model 8800 for ease of use and accuracy. This Thermal Shock Chamber in EXCELLENT condition. Save money on your Thermal Shock Chamber purchase.

For More Information and Spec Sheet on this Thermotron LN2 Thermal Shock Chamber: Stock #199L

For Sale – Just Arrived Thermotron Thermal Shock Chamber


Just In, Thermotron Mechanical Thermal Shock Chamber equipped with Thermotron Model 8800 Touchscreen Control. This is a Rare Find in Preowned Condition AND Short Lead Time! Of course this Thermal Shock Chamber has completed our 30 Point Checkout Procedure and Is WARRANTEED! Save Money with this purchase. Chamber basket dimension of 25″ X 14″ X 14″ Maximum Chamber basket weight up to 100 Lbs. Contact us for a quote and additional information on this Thermotron Thermal Shock Chamber Model #ATSS-80-6-6

For More Information on this Thermotron Thermal Shock Chamber and a Spec Sheet: Stock #198L

LN2 Thermotron Thermal Shock Chamber



Excellent Condition Thermotron Thermal Shock Chambers Just Added To Our Inventory. Model #ATS-320-V-LN2 Thermal Shock Chambers With Inside Chamber Dimension of 25″ X 15″ X 15″ and thermal shock temperature ranges of -75 to +200 Deg. C These Thermal Shock Chambers also have modern Thermotron Model 8800 Touchscreen Controllers. Chambers have short lead time so why wait up to 40 weeks for New when you can get a Thermotron Thermal Shock Chamber with a warranty quickly AND save money. We always sell quality equipment and stand behind every sale. Free Training, Custom Manuals, Test Profiles Run prior to shipping. In business since 1969!

For More Information on the Thermotron Thermal Shock Chamber: Stock #200L