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Hard To Find Used Thermotron Altitude Test Chamber!

Altitude Test Chambers are used to simulate various altitudes on a product.  They subject a product to various levels of altitude up to 100,000 ft. with the option of extending the range. Designed to simulate Altitude, Temperature, and Humidity Environments, these chambers are commonly used in Defense, Aerospace, Aviation, and Electronic Industries. Also a required item for any well equipped Test Lab.

The Altitude Test Chamber is designed to allow the user to perform various tests in one unit – Altitude – Altitude & Temperature – Temperature & Humidity.  These combinations of elements allows the precise simulation of real life conditions a product might encounter, assuring the end product is safe and reliable.

These Chambers can be extremely expensive when purchased new so buying Used-Refurbished / Warranteed from LR Environmental is a very cost effective way to acquire the equipment you need and save your company money.  We have the expertise to provide you with quality reliable refurbished Test Chambers.  Units perform and look like new upon completion of our expert refurbishment. 

We Have Acquired This Hard To Find Thermotron Altitude Chamber
With Temperature AND Humidity
Model #FA-10-CHM-3-3

I.D. 24″W X 24″D X 32″H
O.D. 58″W X 65″D X 106″H
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C – Water Cooled
20% to 95% Humidity
Thermotron Model #7800 Programmer
Over Temperature Protection
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants, Stainless Steel Interior
Honeywell Truline Paper Recorder
Includes Viewing Window, Interior Light, Castors, 1 Shelf
2X 4″ Dia. Feed Thru Ports
Power: 460V, 3Ph, 40 Amps

For Additional Photos: Stock #863J

Altitude Test Chamber
Thermotron Altitude Temperature Humidty Test Chamber

Bench Top Tenney Temperature Humidity Chamber

Hard to Find – Bench Top Sized Humidity Test Chamber
Perfect Size for Any Lab
With Temperature AND Humidity This Unit Is Great
For Many Applications!

I.D. 20″ X 19″ X 22″
-70 to +170 Deg. C – Air Cooled!
20% To 95% Humidity
Will Be Completely Refurbished and Includes Our
Outstanding Warranty – Test Chamber Will Work and Look
Like New Upon Arrival at Your Facility

For Additional Information: Stock #821J

Tenney Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber Model #BTRC Convenient Bench Top Size

16 Cubic Ft. Thermotron Is Here – Hard to Find Size

We have acquired another Thermotron Temperature Chamber
Model #S-16 One of the most Popular Sizes
I.D. 30″ X 30″ X 30″
-70 to +170 Deg. C – Air Cooled for Ease of Use
Watlow Control, Window, more…

For More Info: Stock #811J

Used Thermotron S-16 Temperature Test Chamber
Example of an LR Environmental Refurbished Thermotron S-16 Temperature Chamber – Actual Unit May Vary (Except for the Outstanding Workmanship!)

4 More Thermotron Test Chambers Now In


New Thermotron Arrivals

4 Late Model Thermotron Temperature Test Chambers
Excellent Condition – Will of Course Be Completely
Refurbished, Tested, and Warranteed So You Recieve
Test Chamber Available Anywhere.

With Our 50 YEARS of Experience – You Are Purchasing the Best!

3 Model # SE-300-2-2
I.D. 24″ X 26″ X 28″, -70 to +180 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #870J

1 Model #SE-300-2-2
I.D. 24″ X 26″ X 28″, -70 to +170 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #864J