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Yamato DN411E, DN611E

Inert Gas Ovens are used when you need to prevent oxygen from corroding or scaling your product. An Inert Gas Oven can purge oxygen and replace it with an Inert Gas like Argon or Nitrogen and hold it in an atmosphere of pressurized inert gas.

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Yamato flow meterNew Yamato Inert Gas Ovens. DN411E DN611E

Flow Meter, Models DN411E and DN611E

Pricing and Specifications

Model DN411E DN611E
Price $8020 $8680
Convection Type Forced Convection
Operating Temp. Range Room Temp. +10 to 360°C
Temp. Adjustment Accuracy ±0.2°C (at 360°C)
Temp. uniformity ±3.0°C (at 360°C)
Time to Reach to Max. Temp. Approx. 60min.
Interior / Heat Insulation Material Stainless Steel SUS304 / Glass Wool + Ceramic Fibre
Heater SUS Pipe Heater 3.0kW SUS Pipe Heater 4.0kW
Fan Sirocco Fan, Condenser Type Motor 30W
Flow Meter, Gas Carrier Max. Flow 30Lmin, O.D. 0.3" Hose Nipple
Temp. Control Type PID Control by Micro Computer
Temp. Setting Type Digital Setting by ▲ ▼ Key
Temp. Display Digital Indication by Green LED
Other Display Temp. Pattern Display for Operating Display by LED
Timer / Timer Resolution 1min. to 99hrs. 59min. or 100hrs. to 999hrs. / 1min. or 1hrs.
Operating Function Fixed Temp. Operation, Automatic Start, Automatic Stop, Program Operation (Max. 16 Segments, Splitable, Repeating, Gradient Operation)
Additional Function Timer Function (Actual Timer within 24hrs.), Total Operation Hours Timer (to 49,999hrs.), Calibration Off Set Function, Clock Display (Current Time Display, Displayable at the Power Off)
Heater Circuit Control / Sensor Triac Zero-cross Type / K-Thermocouple (Double Sensor)
Safety Device
Safety Countermeasure Self Diagnosis Function (Sensor, Heater, Fan, Triac, Main Relay, Automatic Overheat Prevention), Key Lock Function, Independent Overheating Prevention, Door Switch, Electric Leakage Breaker
Internal Dimensions 18.5" W x 17.7" D x 17.7" H 24.4" W x 23.6" D x 23.6" H
External Dimensions 25.2" W x 27.4" D x 36" H 31.1" W x 33.3" D x 41.9" H
Internal Capacity 3.4 cu ft 7.9 cu ft
Shelf Max. Load Approx. 66 lbs / shelf
Shelf Support Qty. / Pitch 12pcs. / 1.2" 17pcs. / 1.2"
Power 1-phase, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 16A 1-phase, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 21A
Weight Approx. 176 lbs Approx. 265 lbs

Shelf Material

Stainless Steel Wire

Shelf/Shelf Support Qty.

2 shelves / 4 pieces

Yamato shelf and shelf support
Shelf and Shelf Support