How It All Started

LR was founded in 1969 by Leonard Rubin when he purchased a used Datsun 1600 pickup truck and bought a load of surplus welders. Having no place to store them, he would drive across Los Angeles finding suitable customers. From the proceeds of the welders, he was able to purchase more equipment. Soon he was forced to purchase a larger truck which he filled with equipment purchases and drove back and forth between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area.

Noticing a need for used Environmental Test Chambers and Industrial Ovens, Len directed his buying and selling towards these products. Soon business was thriving!

In 1973 Len, who had been a widower with 4 children for quite a few years, met and married Sharon who immediately made a valuable contribution to the business. She began to get the Company organized and give it direction. He also appreciated having a companion waiting with him when his truck would invariably break down on Interstate 5 on his many buying trips.

Having run out of storage space in his garage at home, they rented a 4,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse in the San Fernando Valley. By this time, his young stepsons started helping out after school by driving forklifts, making deliveries, and eventually learning how to repair equipment. By 1977 they outgrew their small warehouse and moved to their present day Los Angeles location.

In 1999 Leonard retired from the day to day running of the business after he had grown the Company to 3 Warehouses and over 20 employees including a Sales Dept., Warehouse and Freight Dept, Office Staff, and of course a first class Technical Department. However, he still enjoyed being involved by finding equipment. This was like a treasure hunt for him and always his favorite part of the business.

Len always taught his employees to give customers a fair deal and represent products honestly. “This way customers will always return for more equipment and hopefully recommend us to associates,” he frequently stated. This tradition resulted in LR Environmental being one of the first equipment dealers to Repair and Warranty their products. Today LR Environmental has the largest Environmental Chamber and Industrial Oven refurbishing facility in the World.

Sadly Leonard passed away in 2006. He has been missed by family, friends, many loyal customers and associates – you know who you are – and of course his Loyal employees that he brought together and always treated as family. Because of his guidance and loyalty, LR Environmental continues to carry on the values that make our Company one of the most respected in the industry.