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We provide equipment from manufacturers like Thermotron, Tenney, Blue M, Bemco, Delta Design, TestEquity, Envirotronics, VWR, Gruenberg, Grieve, CSZ (Cincinnati Sub Zero), Espec, Despatch, Associated, Lunaire and Russells.

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Inventory of Used Semiconductor Equipment

Category Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No.
Other Test Equipment SC 576I TEMPTRONIC TP-412A
Temptronic Thermal Stream Hot/Cold Tester Model #TP-412A
Dimensions: 25"W X 40"D X 75"H
Includes Stand W/Air Dryer, Arm
Power: 230V, 1Ph
Stock #576i

Other Test Equipment SC 571I TEMPTRONIC TPO4000-A-2B21-Z
Temptronic Thermal Stream Hot/Cold Tester Model #TPO4000-A-2B21-Z
Dimensions: 26"W X 43"D X 66"H
Includes Air Dryer
Power: 220V, 1Ph, 20 Amps
Stock #571i

SC 695G

Other Test Equipment SC 476G ASYMTEK Millenium System
Asymtek IC Encapsulation System Model #M-ENCAP
Millenium System
Max. 10" X 10" CB, Min. 2.2" X 2.1" CB, 10" Seco
Seperate Air 100 PSI, 3 SCFM
120/240VComplete set of manuals:
Software package is NOT part of the system.

Stock #SC-476G

SC 226G Nordson SCWC-3
Asymtek Coating Table: Conformal Coating System

Other Test Equipment SC 263F F-K DELVOTEC Bonder 6320
F&K Delvotec Ultrasonic Automatic Wedge Bonder Model 6320
1 Mil- 5 Mil Aluminum Wire, Rotary Head, 4 Axis, Video System
Customer Responsible for Registration of Software.
Manual Included.
Stock #SC-263F

Other Test Equipment SC 809E CAMALOT 2800
Camalot Dispenser Model 2800
Dispenses XYZ
18" X 18" Travel, High System Track Ball
Sold -AS IS- Working
Power: 120V, 10 Amps
Manual Included

Stock #809E

Other Test Equipment SC 972C EVERETT CHARLES KRYTERION 4000 Serie
Everett Charles PGA Tester Model #KRYTERION 4000 Series
Has Hitachi Robotics Arms Model #C4010SL
Stock #SC-972C

Other Test Equipment SC 860C WEB TECH 8000
Web Tech Precondition System Model #8000
2 Tank System, 8" X 29"
Computer Controlled, 2X Automated Stations
Was Taken Out of Operation, Has Manual
Stock #SC-860C

SC 773C

Other Test Equipment SC 702C ELECTROGLAS 131
Electroglas Wafer Prober Model #131
Includes Stereozoom 4
3X Model 250AK Probe Arms
Stock #SC-702C

Other Test Equipment SC 409B ELECTROVERT WDC36-HT
Electrovert Wave Dipper Model #WDC36-HT
Stock #SC-409B

Other Test Equipment SC 213B PDR 1500D
PDR IR Repair Station Model #1500D
Stock #SC-213B

Other Test Equipment SC 520A UNGAR 4700SMC/IC

Ungar Reflow Removal Model #4700SMC/IC
Digital Temperature Control
Power: 115V
Stock #SC-520A

Other Test Equipment SC 397A BRANSON 4055/2
Branson/IPC Plasma Etch System Model #4055/2
Model #3000 Control, 9" x 21" x 9", #PM-119 RF Generator
Assembly 14643-01 Rev. A, Part #03100-02 Rev. X
Sold As Is
Stock #SC-397A

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