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Inventory of Used Vibration Equipment

Category Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No. Photo
Vibration Systems VE 819J LAB Used LAB

LAB Transportation Vibration Table
48" X 48" Table
O.D. 48" X 48" X 28"
Power: 440V, 3Ph

Stock #819J

Vibration Systems VE 823J M-RAD 3636 (300) V-33-T-A- Used M-RAD 3636 (300) V-33-T-A-

M-RAD Vibration Table
Model #3636 (300) V-33-T-A-C-C

I.D. 36"W X 36"D
O.D. 36"W X 36"D X 34"H
Power: 230V, 1Ph
Sold AS IS - Working

Stock #823J

Vibration Systems VE 354i UNHOLTZ DICKIE T-509HD Used UNHOLTZ DICKIE T-509HD

Unholtz Dickie Vibration Head Model T-509HD - Air Cooled
6000 Sine, 4800 Random
External Dimensions: 55"W X 35"D X 44"H
As Is Price for Head Only
Unit can be quoted with Amplifier and Control System
We can also quote installation and training
Please Contact:

Stock #354i

Vibration Systems VE 855J UNHOLTZ DICKIE T-509HD Used UNHOLTZ DICKIE T-509HD


Vibration Systems VE 840J UNHOLTZ DICKIE T-1000IAR Used UNHOLTZ DICKIE T-1000IAR

Unholtz Dickie Vibration System Model T1000IAR With
UD MA130 Amplifier

Generated Force: 12,000 Lbs Sine/9,000 Lbs Random
Armature Assembly Effective Weight: 95 Lbs.
Maximum Table Acceleration: 100 G
Shaker Displacement: 1.0 Inch Pk to Pk
Shaker Table Suspension Stiffness: 3000 Lbs/inch Nom
Kimball Stand Alone Table Assembly: 36" X 36" Low Pressure Slip Table
Slip Table Grid Pattern: 4" x 4", 3/8-16 Bolt Pattern
Power Requirements: 480V, 3Ph (Shaker and Amplifier)
115V, 1Ph (Auxiliary Controls)
Water Cooling Requirements: Water, 5.5 GPM @ 40 to 75 PSI
(80 Deg. F Max)

Stock #840J

**Note: Force Rating Based on Published Mfg. Specs - Actual May Vary
Vibration Controller Not Included


Monterey Research IMPAC Drop Tester
5.75" X 6" Platen
O.D. 30"W X 24"D X 90"H
50" Drop
Motorized Lift
250 Lb. Capacity
This Unit Is Sold AS IS - In Working Order For This Price
Power: 120V 20 Amps

Stock #691J

Vibration Systems, Other Test Equipment VE 479J LDS V806LS Used LDS V806LS

LDS Vibration System Model V806LS 9" Diameter
This System Includes Vibration Head With The Slip Table
Slip Table Measurements: 42"W x 69"D X 45"H Overall
3000 Force Pound Sine (Estimated)
1900 Force Pound Random (Estimated)
24" X 24" Expander
Presently has a DP-8 Amplifier - Can Be Quoted W/New Amplifier
Blower Included
Unit is Being Sold AS IS for: $19,500.

We Can Update The System With New Amplifier And Controls
Call For Quote

Stock #479J

Electrodynamic Vibration Systems, Vibration Systems VE 407J B & W ELECTRONICS BW-101 Used B & W ELECTRONICS BW-101

B & W Electronics PIND System Model BW-101
Power: 120V, 10 Amps
Stock #407J
Sold AS IS -- $ 950.00

Vibration Systems VE 595H LING B-335 Used LING B-335

Ling Vertical Vibration System Model B-335
56"W X 41"D X 46"H
18,000 Force Lbs., 1" Displacement
Closed Loop Oil
Head only at this time.
Can be quote complete and refurbished
Presently quoted AS IS
Unit has full wiring ( see picture)
Power: 480V, 3Ph
Call For Price Quote
Customer responsible for loading
Stock #595H

Vibration Systems, Other Test Equipment VE 588H GHI RSM111 Used GHI RSM111

GHI Rotary Shocker Model RSM111
Dimensions: 42" X 22" X 21"
Unit is on a 6" Table; 1.25" Thick Plate
100 to 120 Dry Filtered Air
Sold AS IS
For More Information, Please Inquire
Stock #588H

Vibration Systems VE 592H LING B-335 Used LING  B-335

Ling Vertical and Horizontal Vibration System
Model B-335
58" X 50"
Model 8036 Water-Cooled Amplifier
18,000 Force Lbs System
Closed Loop Oil
Power: 480V 3Ph
Stock #592H

Vibration Systems VE 448G LING A-395 Used LING A-395

Ling Vibration System Model #A-395
Air Cooled, DMA5/395S
4 Amps - Needs Controls
Stock #448G

Vibration Systems VE 449E LING 8016-16-SSPA Used LING 8016-16-SSPA

Ling Amplifier Model #8016-1-6-SSPA
Sold AS IS
Stock #449E

Vibration Systems VE 452E MB C-60 Used MB C-60

MB Vibration Head Package Model #C-60
Oil Cooled, PHM-11 Oil Cooling System
Isomode Trunion, Sliptable #303D-2-1 Serial #100-65
6K Vector Force Sine 12,750, Peak Random Isomode
Sold AS IS
Stock #452E

Vibration Systems VE 353C UNHOLTZ DICKIE 106A-1/2 Used UNHOLTZ DICKIE 106A-1/2

Unholtz-Dickie Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker 106A-1/2
Exerts 300 Lbs of Force 1/2" Stroke
Amp-TA100A(cal)1/2(s/n: 195); AP Strip Chart
Power: 208V, 3PH
Sold AS IS - Can be quoted Refurbished and Warranteed
Was working when pulled from service
Stock #353C

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