New Industrial Ovens

New Industrial Ovens

New In Stock Equipment

LRE stocks New Industrial Ovens including Laboratory Ovens, Walk In Ovens, High Temperature Ovens, Top Loading Ovens, Cabinet Ovens, Explosion Proof Ovens and Vacuum Ovens.

Laboratory Ovens

New laboratory ovens. LN-4, LN-6

Our Laboratory Ovens are Extremely Competitively priced. These Industrial Ovens have more features than most other Laboratory Ovens and include a Programmable Temperature Controller which enables you to cycle the temperature automatically. Furthermore, these small Laboratory Ovens include a Window in the Door so that you can observe your process inside the oven.

Walk In Ovens

New walk in ovens

Walk In Ovens are accessible by Walk In and Drive In. Our Walk In Ovens can be customized with shelving, racks, and carts to accommodate your application.

High Temperature Ovens

New high temperature ovens

These Industrial Ovens are designed to operate at High Temperatures. Our High Temperature Ovens range from 650°F to 1250°F.

Top Loading Ovens

New top loading ovens

Top Loading Ovens can be very versatile when space is an issue.

Cabinet Ovens

New cabinet ovens

These Industrial Ovens are designed to meet your most demanding needs. Also known as Cabinet Ovens, they consist of heavy duty construction and exceptional performance along with a variety of airflow patterns and optional equipment to provide the right solution for your heat processing requirements.

Standard Cabinet Oven sizes range from 3.3 cuft up to 96 cuft and standard temperatures up to 650 Deg. F For Cabinet Ovens above 650 Deg. F, please inquire about our HT series Cabinet Ovens

Explosion Proof Ovens

New explosion proof ovens

Explosion Proof Ovens are used for Curing, Drying, Aging, and other Laboratory use.

Vacuum Ovens

New vacuum ovens

Our Vacuum Ovens greatly simplify the heating of samples at pressures below atmospheric. Both temperature set and readout are controlled and monitored digitally with a fast and accurate display of operating parameters.

Conveyor Ovens

New custom Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens can be custom designed for your application. Types include Flat Conveyor, Pusher Ovens, Chain Conveyor and many more. Used for Tempering, Annealing, Curing, and many other processes.