4 More Thermotron Test Chambers Now In


New Thermotron Arrivals

4 Late Model Thermotron Temperature Test Chambers
Excellent Condition – Will of Course Be Completely
Refurbished, Tested, and Warranteed So You Recieve
Test Chamber Available Anywhere.

With Our 50 YEARS of Experience – You Are Purchasing the Best!

3 Model # SE-300-2-2
I.D. 24″ X 26″ X 28″, -70 to +180 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #870J

1 Model #SE-300-2-2
I.D. 24″ X 26″ X 28″, -70 to +170 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #864J

Associated Temperature Chamber Arrived Today

Another Recent Arrival, This Associated Temperature Only Test Chamber  With an Inside Dimension of 21.5″ X 20″ X 20″  and Temperature Range of -25 to +170 Deg. C – This is a nice Test Chamber for smaller jobs.  Also has a nice sized window to view your product during the process.  As always, to be Completely Refurbished and Warranteed for Complete Satisfaction

Full Associated Temperature Chamber Specs:  Stock #827J

Associated Temperature – Climate Chamber Model #BHK-4105

5-1-19 Newsletter – Featuring Thermal Shock Test Chambers

This Weeks Newsletter Features Used Thermal Shock Chambers we have in Stock!  These Used Thermal Shock Test Chambers will be Refurbished and Warranteed – Work and Look Like New.   You will save a significant amount of money over purchasing New.  Thermal Shock Chambers are highly specialized and can be extremely expensive when purchased new.  Save your Company Money with LR Environmental.  Also Featured, Temperature and Humdity Chambers and of course our line of NEW Yamato Ovens – most in Stock – Ready To Ship.

Want to view the Items we Featured and view Spec Sheets and Photos?  Here are the featured Items

Blue M Thermal Shock Chamber: Stock #727J
Espec Thermal Shock Chamber: Stock #835J
CSZ Temperature Humidity Test Chamber: Stock #830J
CSZ Temperature Only Test Chamber: Stock #828J
8 Cubic Ft. Thermotron Temperature Chamber: Stock #824J
16 Cubic Ft. Thermotron Temperature Chamber: Stock #811J

Blue M Oven – READY TO SHIP – Stock #778J


Additional Vibration Equipment

MORE Thermal Shock Test Chambers

Thermal Shock Test Chambers
5/1/2019 Newsletter – Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Temperature and Temperature Humidity Chambers, Vibration, more….
Example of the Quality Workmanship of a LR Environmental Used Refurbished Thermal Shock Chamber

NEW Yamato Lab Ovens

Yamato Lab – Industrial – Forced Air Convection Ovens
LR Environmental / Technologies is the Foremost Seller
Of Yamato Lab Ovens – Many can be shipped the Same Day!

Need additional Modifications to your Oven? We can Add Custom Feed-Thru Ports, Provide Custom Quality Stands, AND Extra Shelves. You won’t find those options buying from E-Bay or Amazon. We also sell below List Price to help you Save Money. And with our Qualified Sales Team, we can help you choose the right unit for your needs.

To View Available Products, Spec Sheets, Photos,
Manuals: New Ovens
Give Us A Call – 800-574-2748 323-770-0634
or Email to: sales@LRE.com

Yamato Lab Oven

8 CuFt Thermotron Temperature Test Chamber

Looking for a smaller Temperature Chamber? We just acquired one of the highly demanded Thermotron Test Chambers Model #S-8

With a smaller Inside Dimension, these Thermotron S-8’s are sought after for those smaller items that need Temperature Testing.
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C – Air Cooled
Includes the Watlow EZ-Zone Programmer

For More Information: Stock #845J

View Our Entire Inventory of Thermotron Test Chambers

Used Thermotron Temperature Test Chamber S-8
Example of a LR Environmental Used/Refurbished Thermotron Test Chamber – Always Work and Look Like New!  AND WARRANTEED!