Test Equipment Shipped Overseas!

Did you know we ship equipment overseas? We have shipped a multitude of equipment all over the world. Even buying out of country for many business’s still saves them money to receive Quality, Expertly Refurbished Equipment.

We have the expertise and experience to make sure your equipment is packaged properly for whatever method of shipping you need. We recently sent these 2 Tube Ovens – that were refurbished to LIKE NEW condition to the UK. We saved them a significant amount of money over new.

Bench Top Temperature Test Chambers

New Arrivals – 3 Bench Top Test Chambers
Temperature Only AND Temperature Humidity

Check Them Out:

CSZ Temperature Humidity Chamber  
I.D. 18″ X 13″ X 12″, -30 to +190 Deg. C
10% to 95% Humidity
For More Info: Stock #830J

CSZ Temperature Test Chamber Model Z2-033-033

CSZ Temperature Only Chamber
I.D. 20″ X 13″ X 14″, -70 to +170 Deg. C
Watlow EZ-Zone Programmer
For More Info: Stock #826J

CSZ Temperature Test Chamber

CSZ Temperature Chamber
I.D. 18″ X 13″ X 12″, -70 to +170 Deg. C
For More Info: Stock #828J

Tenney Test Chambers Arrived

Tenney Temperature Chamber Model TJR

Tenney Temperature Chamber Model TUJR

Tenney Bench Top Temperature Chamber Model BTS







Tenney Temperature Chambers – Models TUJR, BTS, TJR
-70 to +200 Deg. C

More Info Tenney TJR: Stock #817J
(Several Available)

More Info Tenney BTS: Stock #815J

More Info Tenney TUJR: Stock #809J

Thermotron Temperature Humidity Chamber -Final Testing Video

This Thermotron Temperature Humidity Test Chamber has been thoroughly refurbished by our Expert Technicians.  The System – as all systems are – is being completely checked out and run to confirm it will meet the standards required by the customer.

We are one of the few Companies that has the ability to refurbish numerous types of chambers manufactured by a multitude of Manufacturers.

Customers are also encouraged to visit us and view their chamber in operation before shipping.  We offer free training sessions on the operation of your Refurbished Test Chamber.

Thermotron Test Chamber in Final Testing Phase Prior to Shipping

CSZ Temperature Test Chamber

Just Finished the Re-Check Process on this CSZ Test Chamber and will ship to a Large Coating Equipment Manufacturer.  The newly installed Watlow E-Z Zone programmer was configured to the customers specifications to work with their particular tests.  Refurbished and Warranteed, this unit saved them quite a bit of money over purchasing new.

Refurbished CSZ Temperature Test Chamber
CSZ Used/Refurbished Temperature Test Chamber

Bench Top Oven – Grieve Oven – Special Price

Bench Top Lab Oven – Selling AS IS Working For Quick Shipping
Grieve Oven Model #NB-350
I.D. 28″W X 23″D X 18″H
Maximum Temperature: 350 Deg. F
Grieve Reference Control
Stainless Steel Interior
Power: 230V, 1Ph, 2KW

For More Info:  Stock #732J

Grieve Bench Top Lab Oven – Super Clean – Will Be Tested and Guaranteed Operational Upon Receipt – Save With This Exceptional Purchase