Tenney Humidity Chamber


UPDATE! This Chamber has completed our 30 Point Refurbishment Process and is Ready To Ship Today! Includes Parts & Labor Warranty & Custom Users Manual

Humidity Testing is a must for products that will be submitted to an Environment With Moisture.  Subjecting components and products to Temperature And Humidity helps determine it’s resistance to and the effects moisture has on the item.  Will the item corrode too quickly?  Will humidity affect its reliability or cause detrimental changes to the product?  Humidity Testing is also imperative when determining the shelf life of a product, and even the packaging that will be used to see how well it holds up while protecting a product from humidity.

We have in stock for sale this compact Late Model Temperature Humidity Chamber. Inside Dimension of 16″ X 13″ X 16″, 20% to 95% Humidity Range, Temperature Range of -70 to +170 C Save Money Purchasing Refurbished/Warranteed With Confidence.

For More Information: Tenney Humidity Chamber Stock #995J