Cascade TEK SVO-9 High Vacuum Industrial / Laboratory Vacuum Oven


A rare find is this Cascade Tek High Vacuum Oven For Sale With Our Parts & Labor Warranty. Has a maximum temperature of 220 Deg. C, I.D. of 28″ x 24″ x 24″, Digital Chart Recorder, Watlow Control, Vacuum Pump… This Vacuum Oven is in Like New Condition – the perfect money saver for your facility. View This High Temp Vacuum Oven in our Inventory for complete description, details, and photos.

The Cascade Tek SVO-9 TURBO Vacuum Oven allows users to achieve vacuum levels well beyond your typical Vacuum Oven.

This High Vacuum Oven has a 9 Cubic Ft Interior capacity and is designed to handle High-Vacuum levels in the 1 x 10-6 range and temperatures up to 220 Deg. C   This unit was designed to execute the customer’s specific drying process without the long lead time found in a typical vacuum oven.

The SVO-9 High Vacuum oven control system is designed for easy use execution of specific drying processes.  Smart Relay Control automates the vacuum valves, as well as backfill, purging, and vent sequences.  Temperature is controlled with a Watlow F-4 programmable ramp and soak controller.  Easy to view, the vacuum levels are displayed with full measurement ranges in mTorr & Torr.  The roughing and turbo vacuum pumps are appropriately sized for the application. 

This High Vacuum oven can be in many industries such as wafer production, electronic, semiconductor production, space/flight hardware, connectors, cubesats, or any vacuum process requiring vacuum in the “hi-vac” ranges up to 1.0 x 10-6 Torr.

Cascade Tek Vacuum Oven Model SVO9 Information Here: Stock #147L