5-1-19 Newsletter – Featuring Thermal Shock Test Chambers

This Weeks Newsletter Features Used Thermal Shock Chambers we have in Stock!  These Used Thermal Shock Test Chambers will be Refurbished and Warranteed – Work and Look Like New.   You will save a significant amount of money over purchasing New.  Thermal Shock Chambers are highly specialized and can be extremely expensive when purchased new.  Save your Company Money with LR Environmental.  Also Featured, Temperature and Humdity Chambers and of course our line of NEW Yamato Ovens – most in Stock – Ready To Ship.

Want to view the Items we Featured and view Spec Sheets and Photos?  Here are the featured Items

Blue M Thermal Shock Chamber: Stock #727J
Espec Thermal Shock Chamber: Stock #835J
CSZ Temperature Humidity Test Chamber: Stock #830J
CSZ Temperature Only Test Chamber: Stock #828J
8 Cubic Ft. Thermotron Temperature Chamber: Stock #824J
16 Cubic Ft. Thermotron Temperature Chamber: Stock #811J

Blue M Oven – READY TO SHIP – Stock #778J


Additional Vibration Equipment

MORE Thermal Shock Test Chambers

Thermal Shock Test Chambers
5/1/2019 Newsletter – Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Temperature and Temperature Humidity Chambers, Vibration, more….
Example of the Quality Workmanship of a LR Environmental Used Refurbished Thermal Shock Chamber