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Associated Temperature Chamber Arrived Today

Another Recent Arrival, This Associated Temperature Only Test Chamber  With an Inside Dimension of 21.5″ X 20″ X 20″  and Temperature Range of -25 to +170 Deg. C – This is a nice Test Chamber for smaller jobs.  Also has a nice sized window to view your product during the process.  As always, to be Completely Refurbished and Warranteed for Complete Satisfaction

Full Associated Temperature Chamber Specs:  Stock #827J

Associated Temperature – Climate Chamber Model #BHK-4105

8 CuFt Thermotron Temperature Test Chamber

Looking for a smaller Temperature Chamber? We just acquired one of the highly demanded Thermotron Test Chambers Model #S-8

With a smaller Inside Dimension, these Thermotron S-8’s are sought after for those smaller items that need Temperature Testing.
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C – Air Cooled
Includes the Watlow EZ-Zone Programmer

For More Information: Stock #845J

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Used Thermotron Temperature Test Chamber S-8
Example of a LR Environmental Used/Refurbished Thermotron Test Chamber – Always Work and Look Like New!  AND WARRANTEED!

Used / Refurbished Tenney TJR Temperature Test Chambers

Truck just dropped off 3 of our most popular Temperature Chambers
The Tenney TJR – Expertly Refurbished And Warranteed
by the World Experts on Tenney Chambers

Our Tenney TJR’s Go Fast – So Be Sure To Inquire ASAP!
-70 to +170 / 200 Deg. C         I.D. 16″ X 11″ X 12″
Control Systems May Vary
Stock #843J     841J    842J

Example of a LR Environmental Used / Refurbished Tenney Test Chamber – And of Course our Unsurpassed Warranty!
Example of Refurbished Tenney Jr in Final Testing Phase to confirm Temperatures running accurately.

Small Blue M / TPS Industrial Oven

Another New Arrival, this Blue M / TPS Industrial Lab Oven – Interior Size of 25″W X 25″D X 24″H With 1 Shelf Included and a Heavy Duty Door Latch.  This is a High Powered System at 208V – with a Max. Temperature of 350 Deg. C (662 Deg. F) – And of course it will be completely Refurbished, Repainted, and Warranteed with LR Environmentals unsurpassed Quality Guarantee.  For More Info:  Stock #839J

Used Blue M / TPS Industrial Lab Oven Model CC09S-P-E-HP

Unholtz Dickie Vibration System – Just In – For Sale!

Recently Arrived is this Unholtz Dickie Vibration System Model T1000IAR With UD MA130 Amplifier.  A Great Find For Sale on the used equipment market.  You can Save Thousands of Dollars with this purchase.

Generated Force: 12,000 Lbs Sine/9,000 Lbs Random
Armature Assembly Effective Weight: 95 Lbs.
Maximum Table Acceleration: 100 G
Shaker Displacement: 1.0 Inch Pk to Pk
Shaker Table Suspension Stiffness: 3000 Lbs/inch Nom
Kimball Stand Alone Table Assembly: 36″ X 36″ Low Pressure Slip Table
Slip Table Grid Pattern: 4″ x 4″, 3/8-16 Bolt Pattern
Power Requirements: 480V, 3Ph (Shaker and Amplifier)
115V, 1Ph (Auxiliary Controls)
Water Cooling Requirements: Raw Water, 5.5 GPM @ 40 to 75 PSI
(80 Deg. F Max)     STOCK #840J

**Note: Force Rating Based on Published Mfg. Specs – Actual May Vary
Vibration Controller Not Included