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Used Bemco Environmental Test Chambers

Refurbished and customized

LRE refurbishes used environmental test chambers including temperature chambers, temperature humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, altitude chambers, agree chambers, space simulation chambers and walk in chambers. Our environmental chambers are completely refurbished, warranteed and will perform as new.

We provide equipment from manufacturers like Thermotron, Tenney, Blue M, Bemco, Delta Design, TestEquity, Envirotronics, VWR, Gruenberg, Grieve, CSZ, Espec, Despatch, Associated, Lunaire and Russells.

We also offer Brand New Environmental Chambers thru our Affiliate Company, LR Technologies. Our Sales Engineers are here to help you with your requirements and advise you on the right chamber for your needs.

We stock Used Environmental Chambers manufactured by:

Inventory of Used Bemco Environmental Chambers

Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No. Photo
CC 582J BEMCO LDFB1.5-100/350 Used BEMCO LDFB1.5-100/350 CO2 LN2 Chambers/ Temperature Chambers/ Cryogenic Chambers

Bemco CO2 Temperature Test Chamber Model LDB1.5-100/350
I.D. 14"W X 12"D X 15"H
O.D. 22"W X 31"D X 32"H
Temperature Range: -100 to +350 Deg. F
Watlow Programmer, Over and Under Temperature Protection
Stainless Steel Interior
2.5" Dia. Side Feed Thru Port
Power: 120V, 1Ph, 20 Amps

Stock #582J

CZ 186I BEMCO FT3.0-100/1000 Used BEMCO FT3.0-100/1000 Other Test Equipment

Bemco Tensil Test Chamber Model FT3.0-100/1000
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 12"W X 22"D X 20"H
External Dimensions: 20"W X 51"D X 39"H
Temperature Range: -100F to +1000F (CO2 or LN2 Cooled - Please Specify with Pressure)
New Programmable Temperature Controller
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controller
3.5" Dia. Top Feed-Thru Port and 8" X 8" Bottom Feed-Thru Port
Stainless Steel Interior, Cart can be Quoted Extra (please inquire)
Window in Door
Power: 460V 3PH 9A
Guaranteed 90 Days Parts and Labor in the continental United States
Warranty information available upon request.
Stock #186i

CZ 243H BEMCO FTU1.8100600 Used BEMCO FTU1.8100600 Temperature Chambers

Bemco Tensile Testing Temperature Chamber Model #FTU1.8100600
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 8-(wide) x 20-(deep) x 20-(high)
Temperature Range: -70C to +170C (cascade air cooled compressors)
New Watlow Programmable Temperature Controller(3 Year Watlow Warranty)
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controller
Stainless Steel Interior
Stand with Castors Included for Easy Movement of Chamber; Chamber Not Adjustable
LN2 Boost Included for Fast Temperature Ramp-Down
New Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants
Power: 220V 20A
Stock #CZ-243H

CT 336E BEMCO KDCL-2 Used BEMCO KDCL-2 Temperature Chambers

Bemco Fast Ramp Chambers Model KDCL-2
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 48"W X 56"D X 75"H
External Dimensions: 96"W X 60"D X 120"H
Temperature Range: 0 to +70 Deg. C (Large WATER COOLED COMPRESSORS)
Temperature Ramp Rate: 10C/Minute
New Watlow F4 Programmable Temperature Controller to be Installed (3 Year Watlow Warranty)
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controller
Stainless Steel Interior
6" Dia. Feed-Through Port in Side Wall
Refrigeration Package Separate - Dimensions: 58" X 108" X 94"
New Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants Installed
Power: 480V, 3Ph, 100KW
Stock #336E

Additional Options Available:
Touchscreen Control
Paperless Data Logger
Can Be Retrofitted for Remote Air Cooling

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