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ESS T650

Hot Cold Plates and Thermal Platforms


ESS T650 - New hot cold plate, thermal platform

T650 series Hot Cold Plate, 6 3/4" x 6 3/4"

The T650 series of Hot Cold Plates are cooled using liquid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) and utilize an integrated temperature controller. With the lowest initial cost, the T650 offers the most value.

The T650 was introduced in 1992 as a response to customer requests for an economical yet full function Hot Cold Plate system. We looked at the traditional thermal platform system to see if there was a way we could offer more value without compromising on features, performance or reliability. What we came up with was a thermal platform system with an integrated temperature controller. By integrating the temperature controller into the thermal platform chassis, we were able to eliminate the extra cost of a separate controller cabinet and interconnect cabling and connectors. The reduction in part count such as connector plugs & sockets also resulted in an increase in reliability. Similarly, the continued miniaturization of microprocessors & memory with huge increases in their capability (Moore's Law) and the switch to surface mount technology resulted in significantly more powerful, reliable and compact temperature controllers. We were able to increase the features and lower the price of a complete thermal platform system with no reduction in performance or reliability.

ESS T650, rear view

ESS T650 Hot Cold Plate, rear view

Over the years there have been a lot of improvements like the switch to an all stainless steel chassis and an even more powerful integrated temperature controller. We have not forgotten why we developed the T650 though and they still offer the best value of any thermal platform system. In order to continue to offer great value and features, the T650 can be ordered with the standard or optional premium temperature controller. The standard controller has the following features:

The premium controller has the following additional features:

To order a T650 thermal platform system you will need to choose either a 6-3/4" X 6-3/4" or 11" X 11" thermal plate size, 115 VAC or 230 VAC input facility power, LN2 or LCO2 cooling, the standard or premium controller and the destination country so we can include the correct power cord and plug. See the T650 Ordering Information for help in building the correct model number.