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ESS T600

Hot Cold Plates and Thermal Platforms


ESS T600 - New hot cold plate, thermal platform

T600 shown with PM9 controller

The T600 series of Hot Cold Plates are cooled using liquid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) and utilize a thermal plate with a separate temperature controller. They have the most standard and optional features available of all the T series thermal platform systems and offer the traditional form factor of a stand alone thermal plate with a remotely located temperature controller.

The T600 series of thermal platform systems feature the new PM9 temperature controller. The PM9 comes with everything you need for state of the art thermal plate control. The only option you may need is the GPIB-488 or the Ethernet/IP Modbus TCP remote interface. The PM9 comes standard with the following features:


ESS Controller, rear view

PM9 controller, rear view

Controller Options:

To order a T600 thermal platform system you will need to choose one of the several standard thermal plate sizes, 115 VAC or 230 VAC input facility power, LN2 or LCO2 cooling, an optional communications interface if desired and the destination country so we can include the correct power cord and plug. See the T600 Thermal Platform Ordering Information for help in building the correct model number. ESS T600, rear view

T600 6-3/4" X 6-3/4" rear view