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ESS Biomedical / Pharmaceutical - New thermal platform

400 Vial Biomedical / Pharmaceutical Thermal Platforms

ESS Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Thermal Platforms offer a safe and dependable method for working with reagents and samples requiring controlled temperatures from 150 C down to -80 C and below. These platforms are available in configurations implementing LN2 and closed loop refrigeration systems. When incorporated with our cascade condensing units these platforms are capable of heating and cooling to regulated temperatures of -80 C while saving potentially vast amounts of expense and resources.

In laboratories working with sensitive reagent and sample materials, these platforms eliminate the need for dangerous manually handled cooling agents such as dry ice. ESS Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Thermal Platforms simplify the process, providing safety for the user while saving time and and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

ESS Biomedical / Pharmaceutical Bottle Chiller, rear view

ESS Bottle Chiller Thermal Platform