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Used Despatch Temperature Chambers

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Temperature Change is one of the most common stresses applied to a product. Temperature Cycling, also known as Thermal Cycling, in a Temperature Chamber is the process of subjecting a product to multiple cycles of changing temperatures.

The Temperature Chamber can be programmed for predetermined extremes to achieve fatiguing and identifying latent defects over a period of time. The low Temperatures achieved with Temperature Chambers are achieved using various methods of refrigeration. Our Experienced Sales Engineers can provide all the information you need to determine what kind of Temperature Chamber you will need for your Thermal Cycling tests.

We also offer Brand New Temperature Chambers and Environmental Chambers.

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Inventory of Used Despatch Temperature Chambers

Category Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No. Photo
Temperature Chambers CT 786J DESPATCH 16235 Used DESPATCH 16235

Despatch Temperature Test Chamber Model #16235

I.D. 42"W X 38"D X 36"H
O.D. 53"W X 63"D X 86"H
Temperature Range: -25 to +170 Deg. C - Air Cooled
Watlow Model #F-4 Programmer
Over and Under Temperature Protection
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants, Stainless Steel Interior
Includes Viewing Window, Interior Light, Castors, 1 Shelf
2X 4" Dia. Side Feed-Thru Ports
1X 1.5" Dia. Side Feed-Thru Port
Power: 208/230V, 3Ph, 36 Amps

Stock #786J

Temperature Chambers CT 262I DESPATCH 16319 Used DESPATCH 16319

Despatch Temperature Chamber Model #16319
Internal Dimensions: 32" X 30" X 32"
External Dimensions: 54" X 62" X 82"
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C (Air-Cooled)
Watlow Programmer, Over and Under Temperature Protection
Stainless Steel Interior, Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants
Includes Window, Light, Castors, 1 Shelf
Stock #CT-262I

Production Chambers, Temperature Chambers CT 442G DESPATCH EC-312 Used DESPATCH EC-312

Despatch Temperature Chamber Model EC-312

I.D. 27"W X 27"D X 28"H
Temperature Range: -70C to +170C (Cascade Air Cooled Compressors)
Will Have NEW Watlow Controller
Over and Under Temperature Protection
Stainless Steel Interior, Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants
2X 4" Dia. Side Feed-Thru Ports
Power: 208V 1PH 70A

Stock #442G

Temperature Chambers CT 389D DESPATCH 16212 Used DESPATCH 16212

Despatch Temperature Chamber Model 16212
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 27-(wide) x 23-(deep) x 28-(high)
Temperature Range: -10C to +170C (single stage air cooled compressors)
Watlow 920 Programmable Controller
S/Steel Interior; Castors for Easy Movement
Shelf; 2 x 4- Diameter Feedthrough Ports in Side Walls
Sound Proof Package (for noise reduction)
GN2 Purge - 80PSI
Power: 480V 3PH 8KW
Stock #CT-389D

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