Ransco Environmental Test Chambers

Refurbished and customized

Ransco Industries, known for the manufacture of high quality environmental simulation equipment, built equipment to test for extremes of temperature, humidity, and altitude by using Temperature Cycling, Thermal Shock, Stress Testing, and Humidity. Industries such as electronics, computer, automotive, and more, have relied on Ransco Chambers for high quality environmental simulation.

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Category Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No. Photo
Temperature Chambers, Thermal Shock Chambers CZ 913J RANSCO 7103-1 Used RANSCO  7103-1

Ransco Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Model #7103-1

I.D. 18"W X 18"D X 18"H
O.D. 69"W X 52"D X 93"H
Temperature Range: -70 to +200 Deg. C
Water Cooled
Watlow #F-4T Touch Screen Programmer
Over and Under Temperature Protection
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants
Stainless Steel Interior
Power: 230V, 3Ph, 118 Amps

Stock #913J

Temperature Chambers CT 593I RANSCO 16212 Used RANSCO 16212

Ransco Temperature Chamber Model #16212
Internal Dimensions: 26"W X 27"D X 27"H
External Dimensions: 48"W X 54"D X 77"H
Temperature Range: -29 to +170 Deg. C (Air Cooled)
Programmable Control, Over Temperature Protection
Includes Castors, 1 Shelf, Stainless Steel Interior
Power: 230V, 1Ph, 32 Amps
Stock #593i

CO2 LN2 Chambers CC 115I RANSCO 925-1-2-D-O Used RANSCO 925-1-2-D-O

Ransco Temperature Chamber Model #925-1-2-D-O - LN2 Cooled - Bench Top
I.D. 14.5 x 11 x 8.5
O.D. 18 x 19 x 19
-70 to + 270 Deg. C, Digital Control, Stainless Steel Interior
115V, 20 Amps
Stock #CC-115i

Thermal Shock Chambers CZ 231G RANSCO 7303-3 Used RANSCO 7303-3

Ransco Thermal Shock Chamber Model #7303-3
This unit is being sold AS IS only. Problem with Transfer Mechanism

Internal Dimensions: 18"W X 18"D X 18"H
External Dimensions: 88"W X 54"D X 90"H
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C (Water-Cooled Compressor)
Watlow #F-4 Control, Over and Under Temperature Protection
Honeywell Model #4200EV Chart Recorder
Mechanical Refrigeration W/LN2 Boost
Stainless Steel Interior
Power: 460V, 3Ph, 34 Amps

Stock #CZ-231G

CO2 LN2 Chambers, Temperature Chambers CC 726F RANSCO SD-30 Used RANSCO SD-30

Ransco CO2 Temperature Test Chamber Model #SD-30
I.D. 10"W X 7"D X 7"H
O.D. 18"W X 21"D X 11"H
Temperature Range: -70 to +270 Deg. C - CO2 Cooled
Watlow Programmer
Power: 120V
Stock #726F

CO2 LN2 Chambers CC 574E RANSCO 926-1-2-0-0 Used RANSCO 926-1-2-0-0

Ransco Temperature Chamber Model 926-1-2-0-0 - Bench Top
Internal Chamber Dimension: 20-(wide) x 14-(deep) x 11-(high)
Temperature Range: -70C to +270C (LN2 or CO2 Cooled - Please specify which with supply pressure).
New Watlow Programmable Temperature Controller Installed
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controller
Feed-Through Port in Side Wall - Size to be Determined
Power: 115V 20A
Stock #CC-574E

Temperature Chambers CT 385C RANSCO 1132M Used RANSCO 1132M

Ransco Temperature Chamber Model #1132M
Internal Dimensions: 36"W X 38"D X 42"H
Temperature Range: -18 to +100 C, 5 Deg C Per Min
Over Temp Protection
1X 6.5Hp Water Cooled Compressor
Watlow F4T Touch screen programmer
With charting and graphing capabilities

Power: 460V, 3Ph, 125 Amps
Controls: Micristar R-1 Microprocessor
AR-100 Chart Recorder, 2X 2" Dia. Side Ports
Vertical Pass Thru

Stock #385C

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