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Category Furnaces
Class NO
Stock No. FO85
Manufacturer YAMATO
Model FO200CR - FO210CR
Width - in. 3.9
Depth - in. 9.8
Height - in. 5.9
Temperature Range to 1150°C
Temperature Range to 2102.°F
Voltage 115
Amperes 14.5
Spec Sheet YAMATO FO200CR - FO210CR Furnaces spec sheet
Additional files Yamato Muffle Furnace Overview/Features

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Description Yamato Muffle Furnace Models #FO200CR FO210CR
I.D 3.9"W X 9.8"D X 5.9"H
Maximum Temperature: 1150 Deg. C (2102 F)
Power: 115V, 14.5 Amps
Or 220V, 7.5 Amps - Model #FO210CR
Stock #FO85

The Yamato Standard muffle furnace uses a microprocessor-controlled thermo-regulator characterized by excellent repeatability. Used for high temperature applications such as fusing glass, creating enamel coatings, ceramics and soldering and brazing metals. Temperature range: +100 to +1150 Deg. C (2102F)

Wide selection of space-saving compact units with maximum inner capacity
Easy to use controller
Excellent heat tightness with a firmly sealed chamber door
High temperature accuracy at + - 2.0 Deg. C
Program operation of maximum of 6 patterns: 30 steps x 1 pattern, 15 steps x 2 patterns or 10 steps x 3 patterns

Safety features include self-diagnostic functions, calibration off-set, lock function, auto-recovery after power failure, earth leakage breaker and automatic overheat prevention device
Selectable options include exhaust system unit, N2 gas loading device (with flow meter), temperature output terminal, time up / alarm output terminal and sample tray
Upgraded with long life R-thermocouple sensors
Designed with communication port
Images Used YAMATO FO200CR - FO210CR Furnaces

Yamato Muffle Furnace - .13 CuFt Interior

Used YAMATO FO200CR - FO210CR Furnaces

Interior of Yamato Furnace - Non-Exposed Heater

Used YAMATO FO200CR - FO210CR Furnaces

Controller For Yamato Muffle Furnace

Used YAMATO FO200CR - FO210CR Furnaces

Temperature Curve for Yamato Muffle Furnace