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Class NO
Stock No. DP27
Manufacturer YAMATO
Model DP83C
Width - in. 31.5"
Depth - in. 31.5"
Height - in. 31.5"
Temperature Range to 200°C
Temperature Range to 392.0°F
Voltage 220
Amperes 31.5
Spec Sheet YAMATO DP83C Laboratory Ovens, Vacuum Ovens spec sheet

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Description NEW Yamato Vacuum Drying Oven Model #DP83C
I.D. 31.5"W X 31.5"D X 31.5"H
Temperature Range: +40 to +200 Deg. C
Power: 220V, 31.5 Amps

Stock #DP27

Large scale vacuum drying oven designed for treatment of large-sized parts
Operation and function
Vacuum pump can be installed inside the oven
Quick connect / disconnect of vacuum pipes for easy vacuum
pump maintenance
Working efficiency is improved as exhaust system is improved to
significantly shorten the time to reach vacuum
Use specialized function menu key and up/down key to set. With
program operation function, use submenu key to operate overheat
protector, deviation correction, etc.
Safety features
Self-diagnosis circuit (abnormal temperature sensing, heater
disconnection, auto overheat prevention, SSR short circuit),
overheat protector, ELB to prevent overcurrent, key lock, etc.
For safety, resin protection panel is installed at the observation
Images Used YAMATO DP83C Laboratory Ovens, Vacuum Ovens

Large Yamato Vacuum Oven Model #DP-83C

Used YAMATO DP83C Laboratory Ovens, Vacuum Ovens

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