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ESS T600 | T600

Category Hot Cold Plates
Class NH
Stock No. T600
Manufacturer ESS
Model T600
Voltage 115/230
Spec Sheet ESS T600 Hot Cold Plates spec sheet
Additional files Hot Cold Plate Thermal Platform White Sh

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Description Hot Cold Plate / Thermal Platform Model T600

6.75" X 6.75" OR 11" X 11" Plate
Temperature Range: -99/65 to +200 Deg. C

The T600 Thermal Platforms are cooled using liquid nitrogen
(LN2) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) and utilize a thermal
plate with a separate temperature controller cabinet.
They have the most standard, and optional features available
of all the T-Series Thermal Platform Systems and offer the
traditional form factor of a stand alone thermal plate with
a remotely located temperature controller cabinet.

Large easy to read dual display showing both the current
temperature and current set point.
Programmable ramp to set point
Standard® bus protocol EIA-485 serial
communications for use with the free
Configurator software interface program
Programmable ramp and soak profiling
Up to 4 profiles with a total of 40 steps
Modbus RTU protocol EIA-232 serial communications
Second sensor for monitoring the device under
test (DUT) temperature

Stock #T600
Images Used ESS T600 Hot Cold Plates

T600 Thermal Platform / Hot Cold Plate

Used ESS T600 Hot Cold Plates

Rear View of the T600 Hot Cold Plate

Used ESS T600 Hot Cold Plates

T600 Hot Cold Plate Controller