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New High Temperature Ovens

New top loading oven HT334VL


The oven is designed to operate at 1250°F maximum temperature and includes the following special features:

  • 8” thick insulated walls, ceiling and floor.
  • 1-30” Stainless Circulation fan
  • CRS exterior painted slate gray
  • Stainless interior
  • UL listed Control Panel, 480/3/60 primary power
  • Yokogawa UP55A programmable digital control or West control
  • Yokogawa UT150L high limit
  • Vertical lift door
  • Door Switch
  • Uniformity ±5F at 575C
  • One shelf- 100 lb capacity
  • Oven stand- to bring oven interior floor to 24”-30” from plant floor with adjustable machine leg levelers
  • Roller rails on liner floor- centerline to be determined
  • Honeywell Eztrend Qxe 6 channel digital recorder
  • Oven shut off when interior temperature reaches 200F

Batch Oven Specifications

Effective Work Area:

3’0” W x 4’ 0” H x 3’ 0” L

External Dimensions:

7’ 6” W x 10’ 8” H x 7’ 6” L


45 KW

Recirculation Fan:

4800 CFM; 5 HP


o 480/3/60- 72 Full Load Amps 90 Amp service required

Oven Construction


Oven to be constructed of a full structural frame skinned with heavy gauge carbon steel. The body of the unit will be painted a slate gray. The face and doors will be painted a high temperature black.


Oven to be constructed of Type 304 Stainless Steel

Circulation system:

One 30” heavy duty multi blade stainless steel axial fan will be driven indirect by a 3 hp 1725 TEFC motor. The air pattern will be compound horizontal from the sides to rear. The pressure and return walls will be louvered for adjustability. The circulation fan will have a pressure differential switch in the event of the loss of air the heating system will shut down.

Heating system:

18- 2500 Watt heaters will be housed in the plenum area to heat the air to the desired temperature. The heat will be controlled an SCR located in the control panel. The plenum will be rear mounted.

Vertical Lift:

The unit will have one vertical lift door. The door will be actuated via a side mounted cylinder. The door will be mounted on a vertical track and cam into position. The door will be operated by a switch on the control panel.

Control Console:

The control panel for the oven will be mounted on the right hand side of the chamber. The panel will house the electrical components and be NEMA 1 and UL rated.


The unit will have a natural exhaust. The outlet will be 4” diameter.


The unit will go through a uniformity survey at the factory to ensure a ± 5F tolerance is achieved. The survey will be done in an empty chamber with 9 points.