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New High Temperature Ovens

New top loading oven HT333IG


The oven is designed to operate at 1200°F maximum temperature and includes the following special features:

• 8” thick insulated walls, ceiling and floor
• 18” Circulation fan
• CRS exterior painted slate gray
• Stainless interior (fully sealed)
• CUL listed Control Panel, 480/3/60 primary power
• Yokogawa electronic Programmable temperature controller (UP55A) and high limit (UT150L)
• inert atmosphere (flow meter, pressure gauge & delivery port)
• Stand 18”h with 2” adjustment
• Cool down jacket with forced exhaust
• Process flow rate of 120 SCFH
• Purge Flow rate of 150 SCFH
• Cool down Jacket with forced exhaust

Batch Oven Specifications:

Effective Work Area:

3’ 0” W x 3’ 0” H x 3’ 0” L

External Dimensions:

6’ 2” W x 6’ 8” H x 4’ 7” L


2700 LBS


30 KW

Recirculation Fan:

1200 CFM; 3/4 HP


o 480/3/60 -42 amps; 50 amp breaker suggested

Oven Construction:


Oven to be constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel and structural members and painted a slate gray. The face of the unit will be painted a high temperature black.


Oven to be constructed of Stainless Steel. The chamber will be welded & sealed.

Circulation System:

An 18” Dia fan and shaft, Horizontal airflow from right to left.

Heating System:

12- 2500W Incoloy sheathed heating elements will be housed in the plenum to heat the air to desired temperature.


The unit will have one door held closed by a two or three point positive cam latching system.

Control Console:

The control panel for the oven will be on the right hand side of the chamber. The panel will house the electrical components and be NEMA 1 and UL rated.

Inert Atmosphere:

The unit will have an inert atmosphere option. The unit will be supplied with a solenoid valve, regulator, gauge and delivery system; the chamber will be welded and sealed to ensure a positive pressure in the chamber. A relief valve will also be supplied in the event the chamber pressure exceeds the desired limit.
The unit will have a purge cycle before allowing the heat to come on.

Assisted Cool-down:

The unit will have an air jacket around the liner. There will be an intake damper and a forced exhaust that will come on during the cool down cycle.