Rare to Find Used – CSZ Portable Cooling & Heating Chamber With Humidity

We don’t have these in stock often, but today we have this CSZ Portable Cooling & Heating Chamber With Humidity. This Chamber has a Temperature Range of -70 to +170 Deg. C (Air-Cooled), a Humidity Range of 20% to 95% with a Water Recycling System, and 2 6″ Remote Cooling Ports. This Chamber is also equipped with the Modern CSZ Touchscreen Control AND a Honeywell Truline Chart Recorder.

A 2 in 1 Temperature Humidity Chamber. Can be used for standard chamber testing or as a Portable Cooling System for when you need to simulate conditions a product may encounter in actual use but may be too large for a traditional Test Chamber. This unit provides Forced Air Heating, Cooling, AND Humidity to a Remote Test Enclosure. With the Modern CSZ Touchscreen Programmer you can control air flow, temperature, and volume to recreate the environmental conditions your product may encounter. Can also be used inside of an AGREE chamber for maximum testing conditions. For use in Aerospace Electronics Testing, Automotive Testing – Test an Entire Vehicle at once – and general research and development labs for new and upcoming products. Purchasing this PreOwned – Warrranteed Portable Temperature Conditioner will also save money on your total R & D costs.

For More Information and Photos: Stock #217L