Covid-19 Contingency Plan

We hope everyone is staying safe out there. We are also complying with all recommendations in order to keep our employees safe. As such, we will be telecommuting but are still available to provide Quotes, Technical Advice, and business “almost” as usual. Quotes will be sent out and questions answered.

In addition, we also have alternate plans in place and are capable of getting equipment refurbished and prepared for shipping. We know these unusual circumstances will not last forever and everyone will need to be prepared to ramp up and begin business as usual ASAP!

We are working hard to make sure you will have the tools to do that – I.E. – Having the Test Chambers or Ovens You Need.

We will have shortened phone hours. However, if you do not get thru, just email and we will get back to you either via phone or via email.

We will also continue to send out our weekly equipment update newsletter. 2 trucks of equipment arrived just this week and is being Inventoried and Uploaded Onto Our Website as quickly as we can!

How we all conduct business may be a bit different, but the one thing that will remain the same is the Quality Equipment you purchase from LR Environmental Equipment Company! Working together we will all continue to keep our economy going!