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Benchtop Vacuum Ovens

A Vacuum Oven that is small enough to be used on a lab bench is known as a Bench Top Vacuum Oven. We carry a variety of small sized Bench Top Vacuum Ovens.

Yamato benchtop vacuum  ovens ADP200C, ADP310C
Yamato ADP200C, ADP210C, ADP300C, ADP310C


YAMATO MANUAL ADP200C, 300C, 210C, 310CManual for Yamato ADP200C, 210C, 300C, 310C


System Vacuum drying by decompressed chamber direct heating
Operating temperature range Room temp.+20 to 240°C
Operating pressure range 101 to 0.1 kPa (at absolute pressure)
Temp. control accuracy ±1.5°C (at 150°C)
Max. temp. reaching time
Approx. 70 min. (no load, no vacuum)
Approx. 100 min. (no load, no vacuum)
Interior Material Type 304 Stainless steel
Exterior Material Cold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin finish
Door Single swing door
Heat insulating material Rock wool
Heating method Decompressed chamber direct heating
Mica heater, 0.68kW
Mica heater, 1.05kW
Vacuum gauge Bourdon tube type, 101 to 0kPa (Gauge pressure)
Observation window Tempered glass (0.3" thickness) and polycarbonate resin plate
Temp. control method PlD control by microprocessor
Temp. setting method Digital setting with ▲ ▼ key
Temp display method Digital display
Safe Device
Safety countermeasures Electric leakage breaker
Internal dimensions(W×D×H in)
7.8" × 9.8" ×7.8"
11.1" × 11.1" × 11.1"
External dimensions(W×D×H in)
16.8" × 17.6" × 21"
20.7" × 19.6" × 25.2"
Internal capacity
0.35 cu ft
1 cu ft
Shelf plate with standard load
Approx. 66 lbs / piece
Approx. 66 lbs / piece
Shelf rest step number
2 steps
3 steps
Shelf rest pitch
Vacuum port 0.7" O.D.
Power source 50/60Hz 115V, single phase,
220V, single phase, 4A 115V, single phase,
10 A
220V, single phase,
5.5 A
Approx. 60 lbs
Approx. 121 lbs
Shelf plate
Stainless steel, 2 pcs
Stainless steel, 3 pcs
Adaptor for vacuum hose 0.7" O.D. 1 pc
Earth adaptor 1 pc
Optional Accessories
  Additional shelf plate