Thermotron Test Chambers

Refurbished and customized

Thermotron is one of the most well known brands of Environmental Test Equipment and we always maintain a large stock of Thermotron Chambers. Temperature Chambers, Humidity Chambers, AGREE Chambers, and Thermal Shock Chambers are just an example of the types of Test Chambers Thermotron manufactures and we regularly have in Inventory. Always constructed with high quality steel exteriors and stainless steel interiors, Thermotron chambers have been built to last.

Need special options or modifications? We are equipped and experienced to upgrade the equipment to meet your specific requirements. Our Experienced Sales Staff will guide you every step of the way with the most up to date options and technical information.


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Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No. Photo
CT 211A THERMOTRON SX-35-5-5 Used THERMOTRON SX-35-5-5 Temperature Chambers

Thermotron Temperature Chamber Model SX-35-5-5
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 38"W X 39"D X 42"H
Temperature Range: -73C to +177C
Thermotron Model 4800 Programmable Controller in Remote Console
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controls
Window in Door, Light Inside Chamber,1 Shelf
Power: 240V/460V 3PH
Stock #211A

Additional Options Available:
Touchscreen Control
Paperless Data Logger

CZ 8607 THERMOTRON F-12-CHV-5-5 Used THERMOTRON F-12-CHV-5-5 Agree Chambers

Thermotron AGREE Temperature Chamber Model F-12-CHV-5-5
I.D. 27"W X 30"D X 29"H
Temperature Range: -73C to +177 Deg. C (2X 5HP Remote Water Cooled Compressors)
New Watlow Programmable Controller Installed in Remote Control Console
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controller
Window in Front Door, Chamber also has Rear Door (without window)
Removable Floor, Stainless Steel Interior
Power: 440V, 3Ph, 25 Amps
Note: This chamber requires installation of remote refrigeration package - not included in price.

Stock #8607
Spec sheet: THERMOTRON F-12-CHV-5-5 Agree Chambers spec sheet

CT 8586 THERMOTRON M-11-CH-2-S Used THERMOTRON M-11-CH-2-S Temperature Chambers

Thermotron Temperature Chamber Model M-11-CH-2-S
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 24-(wide) x 24-(deep) x 24-(high)
Temperature Range: -30C to +177C (This range to be confirmed - Please Inquire)
Single Stage Water Cooled Compressors
Analog Single Setpoint Temperature Controller
Inside Chamber is a Special Construction
18- Viewing Port
2 x Heat Exchangers Included
Castors for Easy Movement of Chamber
Shelf Included
Power: 208V 3PH 27A
Stock #CT-8586

CZ 7688 THERMOTRON BBR-90-CH-2(50) Used THERMOTRON BBR-90-CH-2(50) Temperature Chambers/ Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermotron ESS Chamber Model BBR-90-CH-2(50)
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 63-(wide) x 35- (deep)) x 38-(high)
Temperature Range: -54C to +125C (2 x 25HP Water Cooled Compressors)
JC Model 620 Programmable Controller
Kent Model P-105M Circular Chart Recorder
Rate of Temperature Change: 10C/Min with 150Lbs of PC Boards
Refrigeration System Retrofitted with Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants HP-86/R-23
Power: 460V 3PH 225A
Price: $65;000 (excluding installation) F.O.B. Los Angeles. Terms: C.O.D.

BA 714E THERMOTRON S1.2H Used THERMOTRON S1.2H Ovens/ Laboratory Ovens/ Bench Top Ovens

Thermotron Oven Model S1.2H
Internal Oven Dimensions: 16-(wide) x 11-(deep) x 12-(high)
Maximum Temperature: To be advised (probably 200C)
New Watlow Model Programmable Temperature Controller Installed
6" Dia. Feed-Through Port in Side Wall
Stainless Steel Interior
Power: 120V
Stock #BA-714E

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