How To Buy An Industrial / Lab Oven

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Oven Buying 101

There is more to Buying An Oven than basic Dimensions and Temperatures.  Be well informed so you make the right purchase for your application.

1)  What Size Do I Need?

Make sure your Interior Dimensions take into account any protrusions that may be on the part.   Your product may be 15″ X 15″ X 15″ but if there is a protruding flange or handle or….  remember to take that into account.   You also need to have enough room around your part for proper airflow for maximum success in baking your product.

2)  Why Is The Outside Dimension Important?

The Inside Dimensions of the oven is not relative to the outside dimensions.  Confirm what doorways it will need to fit thru.  If there are hallways will there be room to make turns.  Also, be sure to measure the area you plan to place the oven in and that there will be sufficient space around the oven for any exhaust an oven may need.

3)  What Temperature Do I Need?

The mass of your product will affect the temperature.  You need to allow at least a 25% variance in the maximum temperature rating.  Manufacturers recommend that you run an oven at 10% below the ovens top rated temperature. Our Sales Engineers can help you determine what will work best for you.

4)  What Voltage Do I Need?

You must confirm your available voltage.  You cannot run a 480V oven on 240V  You may need need a transformer.  Also, higher voltage ovens should be hard wired which will require a certified electrician so be sure to factor that cost in your budget.

We have been selling ovens for almost 50 years  so you can be assured our Sales Technicians are the most qualified to guide you in your purchase and guarantee you purchase the right oven for your job!

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