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Associated Environmental Systems has a complete line of Environmental Test Chambers. These test chambers are used in a wide range of applications including Electronics, Aerospace, Defense, Scientific, Research and Development. Associated manufactures their chambers to conform to National and International Standards.

Prefer New Environmental Chambers? Our affiliate Company - LR Technologies - are Authorized Distributors for Associated Environmental Systems and can help you purchase the right Test Chamber for your needs. From Standard In Stock Chambers to Chambers designed specifically for your needs, our Experienced Sales Staff will guide you every step of the way with the most up to date technical information and options.


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Class Stock No. Manufacturer Model No. Photo
CC 725J ASSOCIATED BD-108SIL Used ASSOCIATED BD-108SIL CO2 LN2 Chambers/ Cryogenic Chambers

Associated LN2 Cryo Chamber Model BD-108SIL (S)
I.D. 24"W X 24"D X 24"H
O.D. 34"W X 32"D X 71"H
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C, LN2 Cooled
LFE Programmer, Over Temperature Protection
Stainless Steel Interior
Includes Stand, 3" Dia. Side Feed Thru Port
Power: 120V, 14 Amps

Stock #725J

CC 389J ASSOCIATED BK1108 Used ASSOCIATED BK1108 CO2 LN2 Chambers/ Temperature Chambers/ Cryogenic Chambers

Associated CO2 Test Chamber Model BK1108
LN2 Also Available
I.D. 24"W X 24"D X 24"H
O.D. 31"W X 30"D X 44"H
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C
Watlow Programmer, Over and Under Temperature Protection
Stainless Steel Interior
3" Dia. Feed Thru Port, 2" Dia. Feed Thru Port
Power: 120V, 1Ph, 20 Amps
Stock #389J

CT 155J ASSOCIATED SK-3108 Used ASSOCIATED SK-3108 Temperature Chambers

Associated Temperature Test Chamber Model SK-3108
I.D. 24"W X 24"D X 24"H
O.D. 55"W X 36"D X 70"H
Temperature Range: -70 to +170 Deg. C (Air Cooled)
New Programmer, Over and Under Temperature Protection
4" Dia. Side Feed-Thru Port
Stainless Steel Interior, Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants
Includes Window, Light,
Power: 208V, 1Ph
Stock #CT-155J

CT AA08 ASSOCIATED SD-302 Used ASSOCIATED SD-302 Temperature Chambers

Associated Temperature Chamber Model #SD-302 BRAND NEW Bench Top
Internal Chamber Volume: 2 Cubic Ft.
Internal Dimensions: 15" W X 15"D X 16"H
External Dimensions: 28"W X 43"D X 28"H
Temperature Range: -65C to +177C (Cascade Air Cooled Compressors)
Temperature Ramp Rate: Room ambient to upper limit in approx. 15 minutes
Room ambient to lower limit in approx. 70 minutes
Watlow F4 Programmable Temperature Controller, RS-232
Adjustable High Temperature Failsafe
Window In Door, Stainless Steel Interior
2" Dia. Access Port and Plug
Power: 120V, 1 Ph, 60HZ
F.O.B. Factory
Note: Other Options Available - Please Inquire
Stock #AA08

CH AA77 ASSOCIATED LH-1.5 Used ASSOCIATED LH-1.5 Humidity Chambers/ Temperature Humidity Chambers

Associated Temperature Humidity Chamber Model LH-1.5 BRAND NEW
Internal Dimensions: 13"W X 14"D X 13"H
External Dimensions: 33"W X 27"D X 26"H
Temperature Range: 0C to +94C (single stage air cooled compressor)
Humidity Range: 20% to 98%RH (as limited by a 2C Dew Point Temperature)
Watlow F-4 Programmable Controller for Temperature and Humidity Control
Stainless Steel Interior, 1 Stainless Steel Shelf Included
Forced Air Circulation, 2" Dia. Access Port and Plug in Left Wall
Power: 120V, 15 Amps
Options Available - Please call for Details

Stock #AA77


Associated Temperature Chamber Model ZBD-108 - Bench Top
Internal Chamber Dimensions: 24-(wide) x 24-(deep) x 24-(high)
Temperature Range: -70C to +170C (LN2 Cooled - Please Specify
Delta Programmable Temperature Controller with IEEE-488 Interface
Over and Under Temperature Protection Controller
Stainless Steel Interior, 2 x 4.5- Diameter Feed-Through Ports in Side Walls
Power: 120V 18A
Stock #CC-499F

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